JWP + ViewNexa

FAST Channels with JWP

Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST) channel integration brought to you by JWP in partnership with ViewNexa

What are FAST Channels?

  • Linear TV streamed to internet-connected devices like CTVs, OTT Apps  and Smart TVs 
  • Syndicate to FAST distribution platforms or integrate into your Owned & Operated (O&O) apps

FAST Channel Distribution

  • Owned & Operated Platforms: Engage audiences and drive new revenue streams by delivering FAST Channels to your existing platforms and apps
  • FAST Distribution Platforms: Find new audiences and drive new revenue streams by delivering FAST Channels to leading distribution platforms

How it Works: JWP + ViewNexa

  • Easy JWP to ViewNexa  connection allows automated channel construction based on tags and/or other parameters
  • Update channels ‘on-the-fly’
  • Carry over ad markers or get more hands-on in the ViewNexa dashboard
  • Easy Electronic Program Guide (EPG) creation
  • Never have “dead air” with dynamic transitional slates automated channel backfilling
  • Supports channels with VOD and live streams

Key Features:
Content Types

  • Linear Live Channels: Streams Live broadcasts as they are happening
  • Linear On-Demand: Custom curation tools use categories and tags to assemble video streams
  • Breaking News: Break into On-Demand channels with Live Breaking News so users never miss your most important content

Key Features: Monetization

  • Supports Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) requirements for O&O and various FAST platforms
  • Ad server agnostic
  • Extensive ad demand partner integrations
  • Optional ad demand assistance with JWP Ad Optimization
  • Create geo-based rules with Geo-fencing & Geo-blocking

Content Distribution: Best Practices

Identify FAST Distribution Partners Depending on the size of your content library, the number of competitors in your content category, and your access to a consistent stream of new content, finding the right distribution partners may be an ongoing process for you.
Prepare Your Pitch Deck Your pitch deck is your single most important asset when attempting to form a FAST partnership. Without a strong pitch deck, many FAST partners won’t agree to a first meeting.
Set a Meeting Send your pitch deck to the FAST providers you’ve identified as potential partners and ask for a meeting. JWP and ViewNexa can provide contact information and introductions in most cases.

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