JWP Programmatic Video

JW Player is the in-stream, primary video player delivering publisher’s O&O video content.


5 Billion Monthly US Ad Requests

JW Player powers the video ad and the video ad content for premium publishers, delivering over 5 Billion Monthly US Ad Requests across publishers such as Hearst, DotDash, Café Media, Penske, TMZ, Future, Fandom, and more making JW Player the largest source of non-user generated video on the open web.

Proprietary Contextual Targeting

JW Player classifies every video asset by a detailed and accurate contextual taxonomy determined by audio, transcription, visual recognition, and video metadata.

Video Engagement Targeting

Only JW Player can analyze the location of the video on the page at video embed, and the location of the page at video play in real time. This enables us to more accurately target video PMPs based on performance goals such as high viewability, high VCR, high VOC, and high engagement.


77% AVG Viewability

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