Choose the video platform that blows away the competition.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a video platform —from speed to scalability and integration. JW Platform is the industry’s most feature-rich video platform, offering a full-service, hosted solution that includes an open API, seamless integration, management, and analytics. See how the others stack up with this feature-to-feature comparison, and learn what questions you should ask when choosing an online video platform solution such as JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura, and others. Then, talk to a JW Player video expert on how we can meet your video needs.

Custom API Implementations

With JW Player:

Our Open API provides you with the building blocks to easily integrate and customize JW Player to fully fit your needs.

With other video platforms:

Our competition’s limited APIs mean that extending their player functionality requires an additional, expensive development package that comes with a significant upsell.


With JW Player:

JW Player supports every ad monetization technology on the market, including VPAID 2.0 and Google IMA. Did we mention that we’re also a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

With other video platforms:

Our competitors are lagging behind in supporting industry standards and this ultimately results in lower ad revenue for publishers.

High Quality User Experience

With JW Player:

JW Player takes into account viewer devices, bandwidths, and viewing conditions to deliver consistent and rich playback.

With other video platforms:

Expect slow and clunky playback from our competitors who discount viewing experience in favor of fancy bells and whistles.

We wanted to focus on our passion — that's why we teamed up with JW Player. They are experts at streaming video, so we can stick to doing what we do best.

Erik Kuna | VP of Operations | KelbyOne

Seamless Workflow Integration

With JW Player:

Our player-driven architecture ensures out-of-the-box performance for all features.

With other video platforms:

Unlike JW Player, their publishing features require complicated integrations that interrupt your workflow.

Developer-led Innovation

With a strong developer community and documentation, JW Player empowers you to create awesome user experiences.

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