Launching a Live Channel in 6 Steps with JWP’s Broadcast Live

Enhanced with Live to VOD workflows, flexible monetization and live event monitoring. Broadcast Live (BCL) is a dynamic Live & VOD streaming platform that JWP has developed to enable broadcasters to launch and deploy 24/7 Live Channels & Live Events within minutes. 

Unify Live & VOD Workstreams from a Single Backend

With BCL, broadcasters can deliver the highest quality broadcasts to global audiences with custom management and deployment based on their specific needs, engage and monetize audiences across any device or platform with content protection and flexible monetization models, and count on award-winning live scalable streaming support.Where BCL truly differentiates itself is in its ability to unify Live & VOD workstreams from a single backend. Instead of relying on a patchwork of disparate systems, with BCL, all workflows can be managed simply from a single easy to use dashboard.

An interface displays stats and a video feed of football players, showcasing the excitement of sports. A "NAB Show Product of the Year 2024 Winner" badge is in the top left corner.

Launching a Live Channel in 6 steps – How It Works:


Choose your ingest region (NA, EMEA, APAC) and choose the ingest format from RTMP, RTP, HLS (Pull) or SRT. Choose SRT format if you intend to deploy SSAI for advertising

Live Instance & Transcoding

BCL spins up a live instance in about 5-7 minutes and automatically transcodes the live stream for broadcast grade video streaming in HLS and Dash

Content Protection

Simply choose if you need comprehensive content protection for your live stream with Studio-Approved DRM (PlayReady, Widevine & FairPlay), Geo Blocking and URL Signing


Choose ad monetization for the live stream with SSAI and add monetization models such as Tiered Subscriptions, Paywalls, PPV & TVOD

Live Event Monitoring

Choose 24/7 proactive monitoring of your live broadcast by an in-house NOC team, backed up by a second level of support engineers

Go Live

Reach audiences across devices on Web, OTT Devices and CTV with broadcast grade streaming in HLS and Dash up to 4K resolution

Home Dashboard interface with various analytics, media settings for "Nepal Himalayas," source code snippet, and sections for description, media summary, and social media publishing.

Live to VOD - Key features to help you expand the use of your live content

DVR Window: Drive deeper engagement by enabling catch up viewing for your audiences with a DVR window of 1 to 6 hours
Live Clipping: Clip key moments & highlights from live streams in real-time to engage and monetize audiences with short form content on websites and social media platforms
Live To VOD: Automatically capture live events as VOD assets and add to your video library for on-demand viewing.

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