How TI Media used JW Player’s Recommendations engine and intelligent workflows to save time and increase video plays.

The Challenge

For TI Media, maintaining and developing a profitable and successful video business is a top priority. The company, formerly known as Time Inc. UK, ended up managing two separate video tech vendors. However, editors who simply wanted to publish were instead mired in procedure. With clunky tech stacks and slow video playback, TI Media’s content was not generating the views it deserved. The company needed to quickly implement a single video tech solution that would significantly grow plays, enable clear measurement, and integrate seamlessly with its systems.

"Simply put, JW Player’s team and technology are best-in-class."

George Hunt | Business Manager | TI Media

The Solution

TI Media partnered with JW Player. In only a week, the company migrated 100,000 videos to JW Platform and drove immediate and significant results with JW Recommendations. Viewer engagement was deepened through showcasing relevant content in dazzling interfaces that increased average video views per session.

In the words of business manager George Hunt, TI Media took advantage of JW Player’s “fantastic” and “hugely insightful” video analytics tools within the JW Platform. The insights from these actionable analytics helped improve their video content and audience engagement.

"JW Player was easy to use with not as much clutter and distraction. Everyone was just really happy with the simplicity of it all."

Umar Nadat | Technical Product Manager

The Result

20 % Boost in Plays Across All Sites
100 k Videos Migrated to JW Player in 1 Week
100 % Lift in Plays for

By deepening viewer engagement with JW Recommendations and improving the viewer experience, TI Media “smashed” previous records, said Hunt. Across all 52 of its sites, it saw a 20% increase in plays. On one of its properties, the lift was a staggering 100%.

According to Umar Nadat, Technical Product Manager at TI Media, the “platform is clear, simple and easy to use, and this was critical to scaling our video output. Everyone was just really happy with the simplicity of it all.”

Even the migration process took less time than expected. TI Media were incredibly impressed with the speed of the migration, with Hunt saying “we couldn’t believe that we managed to complete the entire migration and optimisation 15 days ahead of schedule.’” From deepening engagement to streamlining workflows, JW Player achieved significant and substantial success for TI Media.

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