How Revolver Used JW Player to Revamp Its Website and Power a Video-First Strategy

The Challenge

In September 2017, heavy metal website Revolver relaunched under new ownership. The goal was to make video a much bigger focus, with more original content on its owned & operated site and in syndication. “In the music business, video makes a lot of sense,” said Alvaro Gomez, head of website monetization. Revolver aimed to make video a “big player in our packaging and value proposition.”

"I have always had more fun with JW Player—it’s easier to implement and integrate."

Alvaro Gomez | Head of Video Monetization | Revolver

The Solution

Revolver found a powerful tool through JW Analytics. “We’re looking at every single metric you can think of – like views, time watched, who’s consuming,” said Gomez. The company also promoted branded content by using JW Recommendations to push specific content into first or second positions in a playlist. MRSS feeds fueled syndication, and excellent custom options infused more “personality” into Revolver-branded videos. “I’ve always had more fun with JW Player—it’s easier to implement and integrate,” said Gomez.

The Result

JW Analytics played an important role in propelling Revolver’s relaunch. “We’re trying to put together a good story for future investors. Anything we can glean from data that shows forward movement for us is key,” said Gomez. Among the findings: a click-through rate that is 2x the industry standard and more advertising clout on the site. “We’re very happy with your fill rate… The CPMs are great,” said Gomez

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