How Tone It Up Built a Premium Video Destination in Two Weeks with JW Showcase

The Overview

Tone It Up, an online community for health and fitness for women, needed to build a paid video platform that was easy for users to access and understand. By partnering with JW Player, Tone It Up was able to implement JW Showcase and create a high-quality, exclusive experience for its customers.

Business Goals

Tone It Up delivers premium fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle videos to help people get in shape and stay healthy. The founders of Tone It Up first launched it as a YouTube channel 10 years ago, recording casual work-out videos on the beach. Over time, they professionalized the video production, going on location around the world, hiring crews, and selling physical DVDs. As digital platforms became more sophisticated, the company shifted its video distribution method from physical DVDs to online downloads. As they decided to move to online streaming, their challenge was creating a platform that allowed for a premium subscription video experience.

"We could literally just pull premium content already in our account right into the Showcase app and it really created a remarkably better experience."

Brian Leckrone | Director of Operations | Tone It Up

The Solution

By implementing JW Showcase, Tone It Up was able to build a paid video streaming platform that was easy for people to use. Now, customers can simply log in, buy and watch a video, and view their past purchases – all in one place.


JW Showcase is a turn-key video app builder for your website. It enables publishers to easily create a fast, customizable, mobile-responsive HTML5 site – without significant development costs or lead time. Putting video content front and center, JW Showcase can be implemented as a standalone website or added as a section of an existing website. You can even brand it with your own custom header, background color, and footer text.

JW Showcase offers a seamless user experience and high-performance video delivery, allowing creators to reach viewers on any screen.

Once Tone It Up decided to use JW Showcase, it was able to integrate the platform into its website in just two weeks. As a result, the company achieved:

  • Ease of customer service with a unique video library for each viewer
  • 50% cost savings in data transfer with streaming vs. downloads
  • 3x increase in sales for new product launch vs. previous year

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