How Patch Media Increased Video Views by 16% in Two Weeks with Recommendations


Patch Media, a community-specific news, information and engagement network, needed an easy solution to manage video content from multiple providers and engage viewers across hundreds of websites. By partnering with JW Player, a small team at Patch Media was able to manage its videos in one place and easily activate recommendations. As a result, the company boosted video views and ad fill.

"As one person, I can’t produce enough content or get enough content in front of people. And when we started using JW Recommendations we saw a huge lift in our number of views every week."

Emma Jehle | Video Producer | Patch Media

Business Goals

Patch Media delivers hyperlocal news content across hundreds of websites throughout the U.S. Though the company knew it needed to launch videos to keep people engaged, it only had a one-person team to manage all of the new content as well as analyze results and grow audience.

The Solution

By partnering with JW Player, Patch Media gained access to an all-in-one video management platform. It allowed the company to organize feeds from different content providers, access in-depth analytics, and set up automated video recommendations—all in a centralized location. The JW Player recommendations engine gives publishers the power to present relevant videos and keep viewers engaged for an extended time. The engine indexes a publisher’s content library and selects the best videos for each viewer based on content traits and what’s trending in the publisher’s network. JW Recommendations updates in real time, so recommendations are always fresh. We are continuously improving and adjusting our underlying algorithms to drive the deepest audience engagement possible. The benefit is not only more engaging video suggestions, but also compilations that require much less effort compared to human-curated playlists.

The Result

After implementing JW Platform to manage its video content, Patch Media turned on JW Recommendations. Patch Media has seen:

• A 16% increase in video views in the first two weeks

• An increase in pre-roll ad fill rate working the JW Player team

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