How Apartment Therapy and Kitchn Increased Their Video Engagement With JW Player’s Article Matching

The Challenge

AT Media has a family of sites including Apartment Therapy and Kitchn. Apartment Therapy and Kitchn are two lifestyle brands that focus on life at home, from decorating and DIYs to recipes and meal plans. Collectively, they reach 53 million people across their sites and social network.

While Apartment Therapy has earned millions of video views across original content series like “The New Homesmiths” and “Marie Kondo Originals”, it was having trouble increasing video consumption from its text pages. Kitchn was running into the same challenge of adding video to articles they publish on a daily basis that focus on every aspect of home cooking.

Until recently, Apartment Therapy and Kitchn would choose one “video of the day” and include it on every article page across their sites–regardless of whether the video was relevant to the content the visitor was reading. Viewing rates weren’t as high as they could be, but without a team of manual curators, the sites simply didn’t have the person-power to select the right video for each page.In order to get more eyes on their quality video content, Apartment Therapy and Kitchn needed an easy-to-implement technology solution that could automatically add the most contextually relevant video to their text only pages, without the need for manual curation.

"Using Article Matching to automatically add a video that aligns with a story's topic is a win-win. This enriches the content and grows video engagement."

Annie Carroll | Head of Studios | Apartment Therapy

The Solution

Apartment Therapy and Kitchn chose JW Player’s Article Matching solution to automatically add contextually relevant video from their content libraries to their text only pages.

Article Matching from JW Player searched the title and description of every article on their sites, giving the context needed to understand what each visitor is reading about. Then, the matching algorithm ran a search query to automatically select and insert the most relevant video from their respective vast video libraries. All in a matter of milliseconds.

36 % Increase in Video Plays
19 % Increase in Completion Rates
27 % Increase in Viewers Passing the 10-Second Mark

JW Player’s Article Matching allowed Apartment Therapy and Kitchn to deliver a more contextually relevant, engaging user experience.

In the three months after these sites began using Article Matching at the end of Q3 2019, Apartment Therapy and Kitchn saw a combined 36% increase in overall video plays, a 19% jump in completion rates and a 27% uptick in the percentage of play that reached the 10-second mark across their sites.

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