How Galvanized Increased Views per Visit by 50% with JW Player and Showcase


Galvanized Brands, a publisher of ad-supported content in the health, wellness, lifestyle and nutrition vertical, needed to increase video views for its sites and help users discover more content. After implementing JW Showcase on Best Life, a men’s service brand destination, the company saw an increase in key metrics including a boost in video views per visit by 50 percent.

Business Goals

Galvanized helps health and wellness brands build their franchises and grow their audiences. They needed a way to drive more video views for sites such as Best Life and Eat This, Not That! By working with JW Player, Galvanized Brands was able to implement JW Showcase, a tool for building mobile-optimized video sites. Daniel Cohen, Digital Strategist at Galvanized, liked that it had a user-friendly interface, a clean design, and fast loading times. With JW Showcase, the organization was able to introduce new audiences to video content and keep viewers watching.

“[Showcase] has been a big hit for us — very easy to set up and with a great user experience.”

Daniel Cohen | Digital Strategist | Galvanized Brands

The Solution

JW Showcase is a turn-key video app builder for your website. It enables publishers to create a beautiful, mobile-responsive HTML5 site in minutes — no hard-core coding skills required. Putting video content front and center, JW Showcase can be implemented as a standalone website or added as a section of an existing website. You can even brand it with your own custom header, background color, and footer text. Showcase offers a seamless user experience and high-performance video delivery, allowing creators to reach viewers on any screen.

The Result

After implementing JW Showcase, Galvanized Brands was able to increase video views per visit by 50 percent. The company also saw an increase in metrics across the board, including:

• Clickthrough rates

• Impressions per visit

• Plays to embeds

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