What to Expect from JWP at Streaming Media East 2024

Blog 3 min read | May 1, 2024 | Francesco Montesanto


Streaming Media East in NYC is just around the corner and we’re absolutely buzzing with anticipation.

Online video is evolving more rapidly than ever. Today, consumers have all the power to capitalize on technology and its ever expanding capabilities to view and produce video. This transformation has yielded what Streaming Media East dubs as the “User Centric Era of Media”.

Attendees, which will include all corners of the media ecosystem, will congregate in New York City to learn, share, network, collaborate, and celebrate the disruptive trends shaping how video is delivered, streamed, and monetized.

As a premiere sponsor, JWP’s influence will be felt throughout the entirety of the event. We’re proud to have our own Allison Kolodny, Senior Product Manager, VOD Streaming, and David LaPalomento, CTO delivering important keynotes and panelling thought-proving discussions throughout the event.

Keynote: Beyond Tomorrow: Future-Proofing Your Video Strategy

Alison Kolodny, Senior Product Manager, VOD Streaming – JWP

Tuesday, May 21 2024
9:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Keynote overview: The video streaming business is complex. It’s full of requirements that consistently change at the whim of viewer consumption trends, is drowning in technical complexity, and is struggling to balance operational efficiencies with innovation and growth. What is it going to take to gain back control? Less vendor management? Agile systems? Flexible monetization? More data? Where have we been, and where are we going … complex to simple, simple to innovative. It’s really about cutting through the clutter and embracing a future where our video business thrives.

Panel: Back End Is the New Front

Tuesday, May 21 2024
2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

David LaPalomento, CTO – JWP
Nick Micozzi, VP of Experiential – LiveX
Sunny Israni, Co-Founder & CTO – Lightswitch

Panel Overview: Backend streaming technology that can scale on demand is the not-so-secret ingredient of live streams that reach the last mile of streaming delivery robustly and reliably. How do you assemble an airtight and affordable streaming back end that withstands bursts and spikes and makes it all look easy?

Panel: Mastering the Mechanics of Ad Insertion

Wednesday, May 22 2024
2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Nadine Krefetz, Consultant – Reality Software Contributing Editor, Streaming Media
David LaPalomento, CTO – JWP
C.J. Leonard, Director, Ad Operations & Technology – Infinitive
Jarred Wilichinsky, SVP Global Digital Ad Operations – Paramount
Michael Dale, Chief Technology Officer – Caffeine

Panel Overview: Engaging viewers with streaming ads isn’t just about content and delivering the right ads to the right viewers. It’s also about timing, inventory frequency, achieving seamless ad insertion performance that never distracts the viewer, and gathering the right metrics to assess your ads’ success and maximize value for brands. What technology solutions—AI-enabled or otherwise—can you use to automatically serve up ad experiences that satisfy viewers and profit stakeholders?

JWP Delivers for Digital Broadcasters, Publishers, and Advertisers

Be sure to come see us so you can learn about how we’re revolutionizing how broadcasters and content providers deliver and monetize their video content. With award winning products such as Broadcast Live, as well as dynamic support for multiple avenues of monetization, JWP unifies the entire live and VOD backend to create a simplified, streamlined workflow for digital broadcasters

Simplified Streaming Workflows

Delivery capabilities

  • VOD transcoding & delivery
  • Live events & 24/7 live channels
  • Players for HTML5 (Tizen), Android & iOS
  • OTT Apps, CTV, FAST deployment & management
  • Protection: token signing, geo-blocking & DRM

Maximize Your Video Revenue Potential

  • Monetization + analytics capabilities
  • Advertising with SSAI and CSAI
  • Subscriptions & viewer management
  • Analytics dashboards & data sharing

We’re ready when you are. Don’t miss this opportunity to come meet us and to see all the ways we’re redefining the landscape for video providers.

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